Solar Power System for SPL offices in Malta

 Solar Power Limited designs, installs, commissions and operates large-scale solar electric power systems for integration into national and regional power generation networks.  

 Solar Power Limited was established in 1995 as a joint venture between the US MinneSolar Corporation and the Joinwell Group of Malta, the former a systems engineering firm focused on development of solar energy solutions for developing countries and the latter an industrial firm including period furniture manufacture and dedicated printing.

Capacity of the factory was 12MW on three shifts and the firm featured two products: (a) monocrystalline photovoltaic modules in 30W, 58W, 85W and 110W configurations which were shipped worldwide and (b) remote power systems incorporating those modules. 

For the latter product, SPL designed, delivered, installed and commissioned solar power systems primarily in the Mediterranean Basin, North Africa and the Middle East. Typical projects included remote water pumping in Libya, solar village systems in Morocco and Indonesia, remote power units in the French Alps and telecommunications power for offshore oil rigs in Turkey.

 Future manufacturing will employ a concentrator technology developed by PV Scientific LLC which replaces scarce and expensive crystalline silicon cells with linear optics resulting in 3 times more modules per cell.

Key Principals/Highlights of Professional Experience

James Horgen, Project Director

For the New East Development Group/Washington, D.C.

  • Evaluated the utility of solar photovoltaic power for remote and village power in the Near East and Southeast Asia, for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration/Lewis Research Center
  • Designed and implemented a solar village power system in the Punjab Area of Pakistan, for the Energy Resources Cell/Government of Pakistan
  • Performed a feasibility study for the manufacture of solar photovoltaic products in Pakistan, for the Fauji Foundation/Rawalpindi
  • Designed and implemented a solar village power system for the Confederation of Yemen Development Associations in Sana'a Yemen

For Solar Power Limited/Qormi, Malta

  • inaugurated a monocrystalline photovoltaic module manufacturing facility with a 12MW capacity and, as Managing Director, supervised the design, installation and commissioning of solar power systems in southern France, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey
  • collaborated with GE Wind Systems(formerly Enron Wind) in the design of a  hybrid solar/wind utility-scale power system for the electric power utility in Malta – Enemalta - and the Malta Resource Authority
  • contracted with the Solar Energy Research Institute/Libya for the  design,delivery and commissioning of water wells  in remote desert locations
  • contracted with the Water Well Implementation Authority/Libya for the design, delivery and commissioning of water wells  in remote desert locations
  • in collaboration with  the International Energy Foundation/Tripoli, Libya, consulted with the Man-made River Project on the use of solar  electric power for the delivery of water to irrigation projects and remote desert communities
  • for the Renewable Energy Authority of Libya (REAol), advised on technical structure  of a 14MW solar PV grid-connected power system


  • As Economic Adviser in the Sultanate of Oman, responsible for drafting the annual budget for the Southern Region/Dhofar; hired and supervised  international engineering/construction firms to implement an economic development program an aspect of which  was the  introduction of solar electric power  as an option for remote mountain, desert and seacoast villages

Norman Abela, Engineering Director

For SGS-Thomson Semiconductors/Malta

  • Acted as Production Superintendent initiating testing processes for new products

For Mediterranean Power Electric Co Ltd./Malta

  • Acted as Head of Engineering/Maintenance and Production for the design and manufacture of LV Switchgear


For WET Automotive Systems/Malta

  • Head of Process Engineering, monitoring of production processes and setting up 'Lean Lines'; established production facility in China, training engineering managers and technicians and supervising machine installation and plant layout

For Bavarian Technology Systems/Malta

  • As Production Manager of Factory Start-Up, organized and planned production for the manufacture of electronic assembles SMD/PTH

For Concentrix Solar GmbH/Germany

  • as Power Station Engineer, managing the manufacture and installation of Concentrator PV systems and Power Plants

For Soitec Solar GmbH/Germany

  • Responsible for power plant design and leading a team of Global PV specialists for multi-MW utility systems in New Mexico/USA, Italy and South Africa as well as well as smaller systems in South Korea and Spain
  • 1MW CP V power plant in Questa, New Mexico in collaboration with Chevron Corporation, entailing the conversion of a Brownfield to a Greenfield built on mine tailings
  • 44MW CPV power plant in Touwsrivier, South Africa. This project was one of the first alternative energy projects in South Africa and connected to the HV grid
  • KW to MW CPV power plants in Spain, Italy, Egypt, France and USA and elsewhere, demonstrating PV/CPV technology for larger commercial systems
  • hybrid Off­grid systems and minigrid systems for rural electrification projects in the Far East, including Myanmar

For Solar Power Limited/Malta

  • Responsible for production processes in the manufacture of crystalline silicon PV modules as well as the design and sizing of solar photovoltaic systems and solar/wind hybrid systems; training of client technicians in basic PV technologies
  • Solar Power Limited assumes the role of Prime Integrator in a Project, bringing together as partners other manufacturers, systems engineering firms, materials suppliers, legal and financial experts whose skills and talents are complimentary, within the framework of a consortium that will successfully address the challenge of inaugurating, operating and integrating very large-scale solar power  systems into the power generation mix.